Making Of: Art Gallery


Hello everyone! Art Gallery is a project that includes several close up shots with a soft lighting mood and with simple but qualitative materials. So we were asked to share project's workflow and this making of article was born. Enjoy it!
During our spare time we always want to improve our studio's work. That is the reason we started this non-commercial project.
Concept & References
We had some basic idea, but we needed references for inspiration and making the concept more clear. So we looked for that:


Modeling & Camera

The modelling was not so time-consuming. We get the room from one evermotion's scene and start remaking it to fit on our needs. After that we modelled the curtains(with cornice), the painting, and other smaller things like adding a ropes to the photos on the wall, etc... At the beginning we decided to make only two or three shots. But at the end of preparing the cameras we had almost 20 views. Finally we chosen 9 of them!



There is nothing extraordinary about the materials. We will give an example with the material on the walls and wood floor material (no displacement modifier on the object):



The idea was to achieve overcast mood with sun seeking its way through the clouds. For lighting the scene were used vray sphere with high resolution jpeg at the enviroment slot:


At the windows we placed VrayLight type plane as skyportals


Render Settings

We wanted to have more control at the post-production stage, so we added a lot of render elements. An other reason to do that is because we had some overexposed areas, which we prefer to fix in post production. We also added several VrayZDepth render elements with different length, which we used later in Photoshop for setting the dof. For primary and secondary bounces we used irradiance map+light cache. Each render(4000px) took from 10 to 15 hours on one computer - i7, 48 gb ram.


Post Production

At that stage we fine-tuned the materials and lighting mood. Most objects were additionally adjusted. We experimented with the render elements, layers, etc...till we become satisfied with the result. At the most situations we use standard photoshop tools and as plugings - PhotoLooks(Magic Bullet). For the dof we used DOF PRO plugin.


Final Result

...And the final results: