Art Gallery

Art Gallery was done as in-house project. The main purpose was to explore and extend our knowledgment about every single field of the computer rendering. With the help of modern technologies we can see how the project could looks in the real world. Art Gallery includes several architectural interior visualizations of contemporary design gallery. Our architectural images are made with the idea to show this simple but beautiful interior space as an artistic impression. This was possible thanks also to the appropriate lighting style and image mood.

According to our typical working process and stages, we work on modeling and polishing the 3d model, adding photorealistic materials, adjusting the lighting setups and overall aspects of the images until we get the desired result and quality.

For this project we used software packages, which are Autodesk 3Ds Max including Vray Renderer and of course Adobe Photoshop. We finished the visualizations also with the help of many small scripts and plugins.

Art Gallery


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