To your attention, Fiora Building in Southern Monterrey, Mexico. Fiora consists of a vertical mixed-use building: 14 one and two-rooms apartments with parking in the basement, a level of commercial spaces, and a plaza. The project materializes an idea inspired by the integration of housing solutions and commercial areas to facilitate casual gatherings among its residents and visitors. To accomplish this, the development offers amenities such as relaxation terraces that take advantage of the strategic site location and its views and a variety of multi-purpose spaces for recreation. Our architectural images are made with the idea to show the development in different angles of view. In the same time we needed to found the proper lighting moods which states best to the current architecture.

During the different stages, the architect refined the design and materials, as in the same time we were working on adjusting the 3d model, adding photorealistic materials, set up the lighting scenarios and overall aspects of the images. At the end we both - our client and us, didnt get stop, until we get the needed high-end quality.

For that project we used software packages like Autodesk 3Ds Max including Corona Renderer and of course Adobe Photoshop. We finished the visualizations also with the help of different small scripts and plugins.



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