Nabil Villa

To your attention, one of our commercial projects, located in Dubai. That private property is stunning millions-dollar villa designed individually for the end customer, by a Dubai-based architectural and design studio. Nabil Villa project include several architectural visualizations of contemporary designed building.

The desire and idea of the architects and designers was to present their product to the future owner in its best point of view. Different areas, furniture, architectural specifications and localization was presented by us with the help of re-creating specific lighting moods which we found out, suites best to that architectural style.

As overall the different stages for us were adjusting the 3d model, adding photorealistic materials, set up the lighting scenarios and overall aspects of the images. During that time the architect's task was to advise us regarding his idea for the high-end materials that he want to use for the presentation to his customer. At the end we both - our client and us, were pleased and satisfied with the final outcome providing high-end quality images to the future owner of the property.

Nabil Villa


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