Offices in France

Let we introduce you some of our projects for a french based architecture and design practice. These both government and private properties are well designed and refined office spaces, both interiors and exteriors. Here you can find several architectural visualizations beautiful examples of stylish offices spaces. Our architectural images are made to show the intension of the architects along with their eye-catching design. The ideas of the architects can happen only with the appropriate lighting mood for the current type of architecture/design.

During the involved stages, the architects refined the design and materials, while we work on the rest aspects of the images/presentation like 3d modeling, adding photorealistic materials, setting up the lighting scenarios and overall aspects of the final products. Our team and our client dont stop, until we both get the desired outcome.

Software that was used for the current project was Autodesk 3Ds Max plus Corona Renderer and Adobe Photoshop. The results were achieved not without the help of different scripts and plugins.

Offices in France


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