What you need as a final product?

You should share with us what you are looking for:

  • Interior / Exterior image? Possible points of view?
  • Technical aspects of the images like size / resolution in pixels and aspect ratio?
  • Do you have mood in mind? – Image/s in dusk, day, night time or in foggy or rainy weather?
  • Is there a deadline for the current project? - With the help of the workflow below, we want to assure you that we won’t be late, but firstly we need to know the project deadline and the number of the image/s needed.

What we need as an information?

In order to achieve the best result for you we will need well organized information before we start the working process. We understand that this could cost you a lot of time, but also this could save us much more than you had invested…so saved time for us means saved time for you, too.

You could send us information files which could include:

  • Site location
  • Details contained in the project
  • Surrounding/s, Environment, Construction / Materials references, Furnishing / Furniture style
  • All other graphic materials and images that you think it can help us in producing the image/s for you

As overall, the more documented is your project, the less we will bother you.

What we need as a technical documents/drawings

It’s recommended to receive from you the final version of the project information. That way we will be able to meet the deadline. Of course we know, that is not rare to arise the need from some changes…well it’s not a problem for us, we both sides could discuss it.

We will need the following drawings:

  • Site
  • Masterplan
  • Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections

What if you provide us the 3D model

In case it is available a 3D model, we can achieve quicker the delivery time and image/s could cost lower. It’s wide known that every visualization company has its own modeling protocol. You if provide us a 3D model, in order to get an efficient workflow we could suggest the following:

  • It will be best to keep the model as clean and tight as possible – no overlapped objects, correct normal, correctly welded points/edges, etc.
  • Please arrange all the model objects / elements in well-organized layers, for example arranging them in constructive way – windows, doors, frames, etc.

Please keep in mind, that in some situations, if we have to tweak your model, we will spend half-time of the process in this actions. In that case it will be better to start it from the scratch.

What if we create your 3D model

We could do it for you. Just send us all the drawings like site, plans, elevations, sections, details. Of course all extra sketches are welcome. It could be pretty helpful.

How the working process typically goes

Typical workflow in Imagine Studio is as follows:
FIRST STAGE: In that stage we do all the 3d modelling which is required (if your model is available we tweak it). We will provide you a white colored renders (2K resolution) in order to discuss and agree on camera angles. It’s very important that the camera angle/s are confirmed at the beginning of the process. In case of arising the need of some changes in the architecture or furnishing, it will be most effectively this occurs at that stage, because that’s how could be saved both sides (yours and ours) resources.
SECOND STAGE: Here we will adjust the mood of the image/s, will be added textures and materials to the objects. Also we will continue working on the composition of the image/s as we will adjust, re-adjust or add some details which will add exclusively appearance to your image/s.
At the end of our work (on that stage) you will receive colored preview images (2K resolution), which will be looking pretty closely or same as the final result, just with lower quality and resolution. So you will completely know how your final result will look like, or as it’s widely known you will receive image/s with post work.
At the very end of that stage we will be waiting for your feedback, or in other words you could want some minor adjustments like tweaking some colors, refining for example reflection of some material and maybe other stuffs similar to the described above.
THIRD STAGE: If you have feedback (described more detailed above), we will do it and we will prepare the image/s for rendering in high quality settings and high resolution. After the renders are ready we will repeat the post work on the raw renders. With this our work on your current project is over and you should receive the finalized image/s on 4K resolution and 8-bits color in .TIFF and .JPEG file formats.

NB: It’s really highly recommended to have a clear idea of what we want to achieve and if it’s necessary to discuss it before the start to avoid any misunderstandings, which could reflect in the resources needed for the whole process like the timeline or any other aspect.
Some aspects of the process and workflow could be negotiated if needed. For any further questions please get in contact with us.